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That’s simple, check our careers page for vacancies then drop an email to with your CV/resume, the role(s) you’re interested in doing and an explanation of why you want to work for New Motion Labs. w

New Motion Labs (NML) are a dedicated team of entrepreneurs. engineers and experts that develop and manufacture the world’s best drivetrain technologies. 

Read more about who we are and what we stand for in our vision and team pages.

Our unique patented tooth profile is currently only optimised for 2x chainrings. Testing and research to enable us to optimise for further shifting are underway.   

A revolutionary chainring and sprocket design that work’s with roller-chains to create drivetrains that transfer power far more effectively, efficiently and with significantly less wear. This enables us to create groundbreaking drivetrains – including the fastest and strongest, most durablie drivetrains in the world.

Enduo for Competitve Cycling

Enduo for Competitve Cycling

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Yes! We may not have the product refined for your specific application right now, but Enduo™ has benefits for thousands of applications from Cycling to Industry to Automotive and more!

Message us if you think your application needs Enduo™. 

Enduo™ Cargo

Enduo™ Cargo combines industrial strength chains with revolutionary stainless-steel sprocket and chainring technology with a patented tooth profile, allowing cargo and eBikes to go over 3x further before their chain drive needs replacing. 

While conventional drivetrain products on the market typically last up to 3-5,000km, Enduo™ Cargo allows riders to reach over 15,000km before maintenance or replacement is necessary.

Everything related to installing, removing, maintaining and adjusting Enduo™ Cargo is covered in this YouTube playlist.

Due to high power motors, heavy loads and high frequency of use, cargo and eBikes stress and wear the drivetrain at rapid rates, especially when compared to a normal bicycle.

In order to deal with regular use, heavy loads and powerful motors, the bikes need a stronger, more durable and reliable drivetrain to avoid breakdowns and keep maintenance to a minimal.

This is especially true for delivery fleets who use the bikes for over 8 hours a day, pushing 1,000’s of KG’s every day!

Enduo™ Cargo is designed for heavy use with significant loads (<450kg), allowing cargo bikes to travel 3x further before the drivetrain needs replacement.

Unlike Enduo™ Track, which is optimised for maximum efficiency and speed, Enduo™ Cargo is built for durability and longevity and enables cargo and eBike fleets to maintain minimal maintenance costs and reliably deliver to customers. 

It is possible that the cargo version could increase bike speed and efficiency, but this is yet to be tested fully. 

Enduo™ Track

Enduo™ Track uses chainring and sprocket technology that has been tested against the best existing drivetrains in the world, both in labs and by the best national cycling teams and riders, which has proven that Enduo is far more efficient than our competitors.

We recommend combining the Enduo™ Track package with the Shimano Dura-ace chain for the maximum possible efficiency and speed.

We only produce single-speed and 2x chainring drivetrains. A derailleur-friendly setup is currently in development. 

Our revolutionary tooth profile reduces the load and movement on the internal surfaces of the chain, which typically lead to frictional losses of the chain during articulation.

With our tooth profile, the chain drives off both sides of the tooth instead of just one, which eliminates the relative motion of a conventional chaindrive. 

We have done extensive and comprehensive testing on a purpose-built, high-performance rig at the University of Bath in the UK. 

We measured input & output power (with an accuracy of 0.1%) to understand the drivetrain’s frictional power losses. This process was repeated for all the top track set-ups in the world, with a standardised test methodology to eliminate as many variables as possible between drivetrain set-ups. 

We more than halve the power losses compared with the most popular drivetrain at the last Olympics, offering savings of 6.51w* (@500w, 100RPM, vs Digirit/EAI). 

We recommend a Shimano Dura Ace 11speed HG901 chain for the highest efficiency, however, any 11-speed chain should be compatible. For the product’s longevity, we don’t recommend that you use a 1/8” track chain with these components. 


You can. However, it won’t be the fastest drivetrain in the world. We also highly recommend that you ensure any components are compatible with an 11-speed chain, not a 1/8” chain in the interests of longevity and safety. 

The answer is very similar to the question above. You can, but we don’t recommend it & if you do, ensure the components are designed for an 11-speed chain. 

50 – 70 tooth equivalents, even sizes only. The reason we say equivalent? Because for every two teeth on a conventional chainring, an Enduo Track ring has one. 

Good question. Firstly, our Enduo™ technology is pretty ground-breaking and not everyone has heard of us. We’re working hard to change that. Secondly, drivetrain efficiency has traditionally been very hard to measure, meaning few people know what is truly the fastest. We’re working hard to change this, too. 

Enduo™ chainrings and sprockets use our patented tooth technology to improve the performance of the chain drives. The ability to engage only every other link of the chain combined with the tooth profile geometry is where the performance benefit comes from. 

The short answer is no. We have run countless real-world tests and not once have we experienced a chain drop. The wide tooth profile also helps to ensure a secure interface between the chain and drivetrain components. 

Up to you, but they are by no means a requirement. 

We produce products based on performance and customer demand. Reach out to the team if you’ve got any good ideas!  

Not for our performance lines. We only sell chains as part of our cargo drivetrain packages. 

All Enduo™ Track products are currently manufactured in the UK; Totnes in South Devon specifically.   

Chainrings: Anodised Aluminium 7075 T6 

Sprockets: Stainless Steel 

Yes. Please note that shipping prices vary depending on location. 

Not at the current time. However, feel free to get in touch to discuss further. 

As above, please get in touch with our team to discuss. 

Enduo™ Light

Enduo™ Light is a drivetrain specifically designed for eBikes, helping you to go 3x further than conventional eBike drivetrains!

Yes, but not through the eCommerce site. Email to learn more!

Whereas Enduo™ Cargo is designed for high power cargo bikes that shift heavy loads (up to 450kg) , Enduo™ Light is designed for eBikes that carry medium loads (up to 150kg).

Both products use the same revolutionary Enduo™ sprocket technology, but Enduo™ Cargo uses Industrial strength chains instead of stronger eBike chains.