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Company Development

Meet Our Interns

Samira and Gvidas Talk Weight Optimisation and Parameterisation Tell us a little about your backgrounds. Samira: I recently graduated from university with a Bachelors in

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looking ahead blog
Company Development

Looking Ahead in 2021

Happy new year everybody. We may have only just said goodbye to 2020, but here at New Motion Labs we’re already excited about the projects

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vertical farming innovation


Here at New Motion HQ, we can’t get enough of innovation. Which is why we’ve put together this list of our favourite innovations in response

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innovation websites

Our Top Five Innovation Websites

Innovation almost always begins with asking questions. But not just any questions; the right questions. Like, ‘what’s missing from this picture?’; ‘how can this product/idea/thing

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Innovate Invent Improve

Innovate, Invent, Improve

At New Motion Labs , we’re passionate about pushing the boundaries in mechanical engineering; disrupting and improving design to make the world a better place.

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