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IMAGINE if... you had a drivetrain that lasted
3x longer

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The world’s most durable eCargo drivetrain

Why Enduo™ Cargo?

Most Durable Drivetrain

Over 3x more long lasting than conventional drivetrains.

Strong & Reliable

Designed to withstand higher loads and tough conditions.

Most Sustainable Drivetrain

Made from fully recyclable stainless steel, unlike plastic and rubber belts.

What Does This Mean For Your Fleet?

Deliver More...

Deliver 300% more packages with Enduo Cargo compared to conventional drives.

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*1680 packages per conventional drive lifetime

*5040 packages per Enduo™ Cargo lifetime

Go Further...

Reach over 15,000km in distance with a single drivetrain.

Longest Lasting...

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*Enduo™ Cargo’s ongoing testing with Absolutely Couriers has surpassed the 10,000km mark with no maintenance or replacement.

Carry Heavy Loads....

Shift extreme loads, like Pedal Me, using Enduo™ Cargo to carry over 400kg!

Average Load...

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*Enduo™ Cargo’s ongoing testing with Absolutely Couriers has surpassed the 10,000km mark with no maintenance or replacement.

Save Time & Money...

Operate around the clock with minimal downtime for maintenance and replacement

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*Conventional drives on our London fleets last just 4 months, compared to a whole year with Enduo™ Cargo – that’s a 3X improvement in lifetime.

The first drivetrain specifically designed for eCargo bikes

Go Beyond 15,000km

With the longest lasting drivetrain ever

Minimise Breakdowns

With the strongest drivetrain in the world

Save Time & Money

With the lowest maintenance drivetrain

What is Enduo™ Cargo?

Enduo™ Cargo’s world wide patented technology enables conventional chains to transfer power on both sides of the tooth, reducing movement and wear.

Combined with industrial chain technology, Enduo™ Cargo triples drive lifetime, copes with higher loads without failure and reduces maintenance.

Do you want to reduce costly cargo breakdowns?

Thanks to a 3x increase in lifetime, Enduo™ saves you over €650 per year per drive on costs associated with purchasing and maintaining your drivetrain when compared to the next best chain drive available on the market.

How Does Enduo™ Cargo Work?



60% Longer Bearing Surfaces

Sharing the load over a larger area

Shorter Chain Pitch

Minimising sliding distances with smaller articulation angles

30% Thicker Plates

Eliminating chain failure from high loads, for a drivetrain you can always rely on.

specifically Designed for eCargo bikes.

Outlasts Every Other Chain Drive With A Lifetime Over 15,000km...

Enduo™ sprockets have half the number of teeth as conventional sprockets with a patented tooth geometry to ensure roller contact on both sides of the tooth.

By securely engaging each tooth with two rollers, Enduo™ teeth relieve the stresses at the wear points within the chain, leading to a longer chain lifetime.

Zinc Aluminium Coatings

Suited for all riding conditions, reducing maintenance, keeping your bikes running and out the workshop.

“As the world’s leading cargo bike operator, we put our bikes under severe stress with extreme loads and 100 mile days. We are excited to be working with Enduo Cargo to reduce costs further, allowing us to deliver more – further, faster and cheaper”

Ben Knowles (CEO and Rider - Pedal Me)

tom de wilton oxwash

“eCargo bikes are the backbone of our business; reliability is the most important factor when choosing which bikess to buy as every minute that we have a bike off the road means we are not able to collect and deliver laundry to our customer”

Tom de Wilton (CSO - Oxwash)

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“Every single watt of power is transmitted through the drivetrain so even a small percentage of improvement can result in significant reductions of loss and therefore increases in performance”

Dan Bigham (INEOS Grenadiers & HUUB Wattbike)

graham cross absolutely

“Having a New Motion Labs chain fitted gives us the reasurance of smooth running, additional reliability and minimal maintenance, helping our riders to help our customers alike”

Graham Cross (Fleet and Recruitment Manager - Absolutely Couriers)

will brackwell oxwash

“Great to be working with other innovative companies…The team are already seeing the difference and can’t wait for our next project!”

Will Brackwell (General Manager - Oxwash)

“We couldn’t be happier to have matched up #NewMotionLabs with our partners in crime at Absolutely, who couldn’t be more enthusiastic about driving fewer maintenance issues whilst out on the road”

Fully Charged

How do you install and maintain Enduo™ Cargo?

Please take a look at our installation and maintenance playlists which outline detailed instructions on how to install, remove and maintain Enduo™ Cargo.


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