The world’s fastest drivetrain. Period.

What Does It Include?

  • 1x Enduo™ chainring (50-70)
  • 1x Enduo™ sprocket (14-20)


  • Save 50% of your current drivetrain losses
  • Game-changing tooth profile
  • Verified on a purpose-built rig at the University of Bath
  • For use with 11-speed chains
  • Made in the UK


Looking for the world’s fastest drivetrain? Look no further.

Thanks to a game-changing tooth profile design, Enduo™ Track is the fastest single-speed drivetrain on the planet. Compatible with any 11-speed road chain, our drivetrain has been developed with athletes in mind. Athletes looking to break down barriers, smash through personal bests, and redefine what they thought was possible on two wheels.

Read on if you want to dive a bit deeper into the science behind our admittedly bold claims. Hit the ‘add to basket’ button if you just want to go faster. Can you afford not to have this drivetrain?

Our engineers threw out the rulebook when designing these chainrings & sprockets. For example, you’ll notice our size ‘54’ chainring doesn’t have 54 teeth.

Don’t stress though, they are equivalent sizing, so one of our ‘54’ chainrings will feel the same as the conventional 54 tooth currently on your track bike. The reason for this? Glad you asked…

On a conventional roller chain, the rollers engage the tooth on a single side and transition to the next tooth by sliding across an oversized gulley, under high tension, to the next tooth as you pedal. With Enduo Track, the two rollers ‘lock’ onto the tooth from both sides, using something we call ‘dual engagement’ – minimising frictional losses even at high tension.

The number of teeth and their positioning on an Enduo chainring is crucial since they enable the chain to use ‘dual engagement’ only on the outer links – maximising efficiency gains and reducing frictional losses for optimal performance.

Enduo Track has been developed specifically with athletes in mind and in particular, the power these athletes produce. This is exactly why dual engagement has been developed to perform under high-tension and high-load scenarios with world-class efficiency.

We’ve also tweaked the shape of the tooth to reduce the load on the internal surface of the chain at the critical point of articulation (fancy word for movement), which is where the greatest energy loss occurs.

Why an 11-speed chain? Well, it wouldn’t be the fastest drivetrain in the world without it. We’ve done comprehensive testing to show that 11-speed road chains are more efficient than your traditional 1/8” track chains (told you we threw out that old rulebook). Shimano’s Dura-Ace chain is the fastest chain we’ve tested, but any 11-speed chain will be compatible; so, take your pick!

Have a question? Check out our FAQs page, which will hopefully be able to answer you for us. If your question isn’t on there, then fire away & email us at contact@newmotionlabs.com

Enduo™ Chainring Specifications

Interface – 144 BCD 5 Bolt
Material – Aluminium 7075 T6


  • Size 50/52/54/56 – 149-210g
  • Size 58/60/62/64- 229-289g
  • Size 66/68/70- 323-371g


Enduo™ Sprocket Specifications

Interface – 1.375″ x 24 TPI
Material – Stainless Steel


  • Size 14-37g
  • Size 16-59g
  • Size 18-79g
  • Size 20-101g

*Please note that Enduo™ products will have the same diameter as the equivalent tooth size, with half the number of teeth i.e. A size 14 sprocket will have 7 teeth, and a size 60 will have 30 teeth.