how we work

It all starts with partnerships between people.

At New Motion Labs, partnerships that challenge perceptions are at the core of our ethos. We accomplish this through licensing partnerships with the world’s largest OEMs and drive manufacturers and the next generation of startups.

We are not here to replace manufacturers or OEMs, as their experience in building great products for decades is priceless, but, instead, our role is to challenge and supplement their capabilities through licensing partnerships and to enable the manufacturing of game-changing products that solve real customers’ problems.

Work With Us

Step 1: Idea

It all begins with you. Get in contact and we will evaluate your existing drive system and show you how a Dual Engagement-enabled drive system could improve your product.

Step 2: Test

After deciding on the most relevant Enduo drivetrain product for your application, place an order to test it out on your bike, eBike or cargo bike.

Step 3: Partner with us

Once we’ve decided on the best Enduo drivetrain for you, partner with us to benefit from heavily discounted products and early, exclusive access to data, reports and updates.