New Motion Labs partners with Handsling Bikes

Exciting times ahead, as New Motion Labs partners with Handsling Bikes to offer its game-changing Enduo™ Track drivetrain on Handsling’s TR3evo Track Bike.

Available as an upgrade package when purchasing the TR3evo through Handsling direct, NML’s Enduo™ Track drivetrain throws out the rulebook on drivetrain design & re-imagines what is possible in drivetrain efficiency through its patented tooth profile.

Enduo™ Track offers savings over conventional drivetrain systems which could mean the difference between victory and defeat at major championships, your local track league and everywhere in-between.

Paired with the TR3evo’s proven track record of performing on the world stage at events such as the Commonwealth Games, unlocking a new personal best just became that little bit easier with the help of these two innovative, UK-based brands.

Thanks to a game-changing tooth profile design, Enduo™ Track is the fastest single-speed drivetrain on the planet. Minimising frictional losses even at high-tension, NML’s track drivetrain has been developed with athletes in mind. Athletes looking to break down barriers, smash through personal bests and redefine what they thought was possible on two wheels.

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The number of teeth and their positioning on Enduo™ chainrings and sprockets is crucial, since they enable the chain to use ‘dual engagement’ only on the outer links; maximising efficiency gains and reducing frictional losses for optimal performance.

“Having Handsling on board is really special. We love what Handsling are doing: challenging the status quo and striving for performance with a stunning track bike built for racing. New Motion Labs embodies both of those qualities, and we can’t wait to see our drivetrain flying around the boards this winter on Handsling TR3evo’s.” (Travis Bramley – Sales Account Manager, New Motion Labs).

To find out more: Enduo™ Track and Handsling’s TR3evo .

Or contact NML’s Performance Sales Lead, Travis Bramley at